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Use the English you know to speak more like a native

Improve faster with tailored and professional help

10 hour-long Zoom sessions to reach clear and confident communication



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Do these langauges look the same?

Witamy स्वागत benvenuto いらっしゃいませ laipni lūdzam مرحباً Vítejte 欢迎 Hoş geldin ಸ್ವಾಗತ Willkommen Ласкаво просимо Benvingut

Be understood

and not repeat yourself

Learning clear pronunciation and the melody of the English will mean an end to blank looks, confusion, and worst of all: misunderstanding

Be yourself

when communicating

You're going to learn to be able to put feeling behind your words when speaking English, using British speech patterns, not those of your native language

Be listened to

and push your career forward

Confident speech moves people to listen to you actively, not passively. Making strong connections with people pushes careers forward and opens doors. Don't miss your opportunity to advance

The best time to start was yesterday, the next-best time is today

How accent reduction works...

You need to learn a new set of muscle-memories so that it can feel natural making the right sounds when speaking English. First, we identify your problem areas, the sounds and tones which are alien to British English. Then comes the systematic coaching to help you learn a new way of talking; a new way of moving your mouth to make the right vowel and consonant sounds, and also recreating the intonation and stress patterns of the SSBE accent.

At first it will feel like your mouth is twisting in a peculiar way. You will be taught how to deliver your sentences with strange pauses, extended or completely missing sounds, and the melody of a song you've never sung.


But like all change, with repetition and guided practice it will become the new normal and you will have succeeded. 

mouth diagram

What is an accent?

Children with the same accent

The world is a weird and wonderful place, and accents are no different. Everyone has one around the world and they differ massively according, in part, to where you grew up.


By the age of 7, you learnt to effortlessly use your lips, mouth, tongue, nose, throat, and vocal cords to produce words in a way particular to those around you. Can you copy the way somebody speaks in another part of your country? You do this by changing the way your mouth moves and producing sounds differently.

We teach the Standard Southern British English accent (SSBE), a common accent from the south of England. It is the most desired one for English as it's clear, respected, and has the highest representation in media.


Do you guarantee to change my accent?

We're not teaching you to count to 100. To use an analogy, we're teaching you new dance steps to a dance routine. We will ensure you're able to confidently do each one correctly whilst being in time with the music. However, it won't look good if you don't practice and repeat. Often in life, you get out what you put in and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of coaching you have received and you will feel in control of how you speak

Can I change my class schedule?

Absolutly, if there's a time that doesnt suit you, just click on the class on your calendar and suggest another time. We do ask that you give us 24 hours notice

Can I skip a week?

Of course. But be sure to use the time - it's important you actively practice what you've learnt between lessons

Is 10 hours really enough?

We've found that effective, hour-long sessions spread over 10 weeks is perfect. We respect your time and your money, and don't want to keep you as a student indefinetly. When you finish the course, you will have noticed a big difference and feel ready to use what you've learnt going forward

What's the difference between accent modification and accent softening?

There's no difference. It's also sometimes called accent neutralization. It's all aimed at minimizing your mother-tongue interference when speaking English

I have another question...

Great! send a message to and we'll get right back to you

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